Network Status

Current Network Status

Last Updated Status Description
02/21/2019 @ 4:20 pm Network Status OK All systems are functioning normally.


Incident History

Date / Time Status Description
1:57 pm
Partial Outage

We are currently experiencing a loss of services in the Sharpsburg area. The following streets and surrounding areas may be without service:

  • Aspen Rd
  • Back Rd
  • Dargan Rd
  • Harpers Ferry Rd
  • Mount Lock Rd
12:33 am
Partial Outage

This is now clear.

We are currently performing emergency maintenance in the center part of the Smithsburg area. The following streets will be effected:

  • Washington Ct
  • Brenner Ln
  • Broadway
  • E Water St
  • W Water St
  • N Main St
  • S Main St
  • E School Ln
  • Pennsylvania Ave
  • W Moose Ln